Wednesday, July 24, 2024
  • time : 07:55
  • Date : Sat Feb 10, 2024
Revision of the taxonomic status of a group of parasitoid wasps by the researchers of the Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection (IRIPP)

 According to the public relations office report of the IRIPP, the status of parasitoid wasps belonging to the Sycophila genus of the Eurytomidae family was reviewed during a several-year research. This research was started in the form of an international project, with the cooperation of European researchers and the guidance of the researcher of the IRIPP in 2017. The results of this research led to the correction of the position of this group, which has been published in the latest issue of Zootaxa journal. The naming of 34 new species for the first time in the world, the naming of one of the species as Sycophila persicae Lotfalizadeh & Rasplus with the aim of honoring the name of Iran was one of the scientific achievements of this research.