Monday, February 26, 2024
  • time : 14:15
  • Date : Sat Aug 26, 2023
The press conference of Dr. Naeimi, the director of the Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection (IRIPP)

The fifth knowledge-based media tour of the Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), focusing on food safety and food security

Dr. Naeimi, the director of the IRIPP, referring to the establishment of the IRIPP said: plant protection activity started in an office called "Office of local pest diagnosis and its control" in the country in the year 1923. He also mentioned the hundred years research activity of the IRIPP. He considered the goals and missions of the institute as to provide food security, food safety and biodiversity and continued: the plan of this institute is to increase the production of safe food. In the field of food security, he pointed out the use of effective, economical and low-risk methods in order to minimize the damage caused by plant damaging factors (pests, diseases and weeds) from the planting to the consumption (prevention and control) and added: in fact, In the absence of the AREEO, the country's food security will be endangered, so this organization is the main leader in the agricultural sector and the implementation of development programs.

He stated that agricultural and horticultural crops can be produced using integrated crop management methods and minimal use of chemical pesticides in the country, adding: the program to facilitate the process for obtaining the "TAT" safety brand of the AREEO is one of the aims of this institute.

The director of the IRIPP further continued: According to the estimate made by the FAO, the average damage caused by pests, pathogens and weeds in the field of agriculture in the world is about 40%, and there is almost the same amount of damage in our country, too. Therefore, proper management of the damage causing factors can play a significant role in the higher production of agricultural products and food security.