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  • Date : Sun Jul 30, 2023
Signing of a tripartite cooperation memorandum for expansion of the use of nuclear technology between Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection (IRIPP) and Plant Protection Organization (PPO)

A tripartite memorandum of cooperation was signed among the AEOI, the IRIPP and the PPO with the aim of achievement of economic and social development goals of the country in accordance with the vision document of the Islamic Republic of Iran and also expansion of the use of nuclear technology in the field of agriculture.

According to the public relations office of the IRIPP, citing the website of the AEOI a tripartite cooperation agreement in the field of using nuclear technology in agriculture and providing food security was signed by Eng. Islami, Vice President and the Head of the AEOI, Dr. Bakhtiari, CEO of Plasma Technology Development Company, Dr. Naimi, Director of the IRIPP and Dr. Ranjbar Aghdam, head of the PPO.


This tripartite cooperation agreement is aimed at achieving the economic and social development goals of the country in accordance with the vision document of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the horizon of 1404, with the approach of expanding cooperation in the field of strengthening and synergizing facilities and better use of existing capacities, strengthening the fields of exploitation, policy making, planning in identifying and benefiting from the facilities, abilities, experiences, skills and technological innovations of the parties in the field of attracting, using, transferring and synergizing them and increasing cooperation, participation and communication in joint specialized fields through the implementation of agreed projects and improving the quality and quantity of Plasma sciences and technologies especially in the field of controlling plant pests and diseases in order to increase production and productivity and food security.

Use of new technologies is in the priority programs of the IRIPP

Dr. Naeimi the director of the IRIPP expressed his happiness about the signing of this tripartite memorandum of cooperation and thanked Eng. Islami for the support in achieving this goal and the use of nuclear technology in agricultural sciences.

He added: The use of new technologies is one of the main programs and priorities of the IRIPP in order to control harmful plant pests, diseases, weeds, etc. In addition, the use of such technologies leads to guaranteed quality of agricultural products and finally the safety of the products and the health of the society. He emphasized that fortunately, good actions have been taken in the AEOI, and the reports presented show that researches and surveys have been conducted in various fields, and it should be noted that we also support such cases in the IRIPP.

He also emphasized that the perspective of this memorandum will lead us to a point that is considered as our usual concern, which are crop damages, chemical pesticide residues and fungal toxins in various agricultural products. He said: The use of new nuclear technologies, especially plasma technology, can minimize concerns and we will see a bright future in the field of food security and national economy. He continued: based on the capabilities that exist in the AEOI, we are witnessing significant research and good results in the field of using nuclear technology on plant damaging agents, stored grain pests, important fungal toxin known as aflatoxin. Use of cold plasma can solve the challenges of food security and food safety and improving the quality and safety of agricultural products.