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  • Date : Sat May 08, 2021
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Monograph on the Iranian plant scale insects (Part 1) by Ms. Moghaddam, a faculty member of the Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection

Monograph of the Iranian plant scale insects (Part 1), armored scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha: Diaspididae) by Ms. Masoumeh Moghaddam, a retired faculty member of Insect taxonomy research department, was published in Zootaxa Journal (No. 4907 (1)) in 2021.

Plant scale insects are important pests of fruit trees, crops and greenhouse plants. The study of this group of insects was started from the early years of 1320s by Mr. Kowsari and Mr. Farahbakhsh, renowned researchers of the Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection in collaboration with Dr. Balashowski from the Pasteur Institute of France and later on followed by Ms. Masoumeh Moghaddam (author of the monograph) from 1992 in the insect taxonomy research department. These studies have always been of particular importance in identifying and controlling plant scale insects.

The results of years of missions in all parts of Iran and specialized studies in the laboratory have led to the publication of three volumes on fauna of plant scale insects in Iran and this monograph is the first of the collection of these three volumes. In this collection information set about the geographical distribution of the armored scale insect in Iran, morphology, biology, diagnostic traits of them, identification keys of known families in Iran, identification keys at the genus and species levels, distribution map of each species in Iran, and the drawings are provided to facilitate identification. In addition to the use of this monograph by agricultural entomology specialists and experts in Iran, it is a very useful reference for other neighboring countries and foreign experts.