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Holding a scientific-extension lecture under the production assistant project entitled:
"Rapeseed (Canola) Pest Management"
September 21-by Dr. Ali Akbar Kayhanian

According to the institute's public relations office, the scientific-extension lecture under the production assistant project entitled "Management of rapeseed pests" by Dr. Ali Akbar Kayhanian, faculty member of the Agricultural Entomology Research Department, was held on Monday, September 21, by the Research and Technology Affairs Department of the Institute in the form of a video conference. This conference was attended by faculty members, researchers and experts in the field of agriculture and extension.

It was stated in the lecture that, Rapeseed plant is attacked by various insects, mollusks and birds from the time of planting to the harvest stage, some of which cause damage in the form of pests. So far, 30 species of insect pests harmful to different stages of rapeseed growth have been identified. Among them are the cabbage wax aphid Brevicoryne brassicae, flea like beetles such as Phyllotreta corrugata, Psylliodes persicus, Pollen beetle, Brassicogethes aeneus, leaf-eating bee Athalia rosae, Rapeseed weevil Ceutorhynchus spp. And Nysius cymoides which are important pests of canola in Iran. To manage these pests in rapeseed fields, it is necessary to monitor, do regular and continuous sampling, definitive diagnosis of the pest, estimate the amount of damage, choose the correct method and the exact time of the chemical control.

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