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Holding a scientific-extension lecture under the production assistant project "Citrus Die back disease"
by Dr. Musa Najafinia

According to the institute's public relations office, a scientific-extension lecture under the production assistant project entitled "Citrus Die Back Disease" was delivered by Dr. Musa Najafinia, the faculty member of the Agricultural and natural resources Research and education Center of Southern Kerman Province (Jiroft) on Monday, September 14. This speech was organized by the Department of Research and Technology Affairs of the Institute in the form of a video conference. The faculty members, researchers and experts in the field of agriculture and extension from all over the country were present for this video conference.

Die back disease is often seen in summer and mostly in orchards with poor management, unsuitable nutrition and irrigation and irregular pruning. Proper management of irrigation, nutrition and strengthening of trees, disinfection of pruning sites, non-pruning of trees during the warmer months of the year and application of protective fungicides such as copper oxychloride and Bordeaux mix as disinfectant of the pruning site and, if necessary, spot spraying of infected trees can reduce the damage of this disease. Prevention of sunburn by spraying trees with 4 to 6% kaolin powder in summer and if it is economically viable, installing canopies is very effective in reducing sunburn and citrus die back disease.

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