Tuesday, January 31, 2023
  • time : 15:31:5
  • Date : Wed Dec 07, 2022
The fifth meeting of the research council of the IRIPP in 2022

According to the public relations office of the IRIPP, the fifth meeting of the institute's research council in 2022 was held in the presence of Dr. Hossein Ranjbar Aghdam, the Director, Dr. Shahrokhi, the deputy director, and the heads of the research departments of the headquarter and provincial centers on Monday the 28th Dec. 2022 in the meeting hall of Shahid Ahmadi (central library) of the IRIPP in person and video-conference.

In this meeting, Dr. Bananej, the head of the virology research department and Dr. Naimi, the head of the biological control research department, while presenting the performance report of the first 6 months of the year 2022 of the respective departments, described about the research projects in progress, and attracted grants through projects, transfer of research findings, technical knowledge and achievements of each department and the possibility of inter-departmental cooperation.

Then, Dr. Ranjbar Aghdam, the director of the institute, emphasized the necessity of knowledge-based activities, production of technical knowledge and the development of knowledge-based enterprises in terms of quantity and quality in the incubation center of the institute and research centers, and also, thanked the training and extension office of the institute and all colleagues and the researchers who collaborated in the preparation of Iran's first comprehensive specialized plant protection application. He congratulated the plant protection community of the country on the selection of this application software as the best application in the Book Week commemoration ceremony in the AREEO.