Tuesday, January 25, 2022
  • time : 14:57:39
  • Date : Sun Dec 19, 2021
Presentation of Canola stem weevils managing methods
By researchers of the Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection

According to the public relations office of the Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, since the canola stem weevil Ceutorhynchus spp. as an important pest of the vegetative stage of canola as an adult insect and also, in the larval stage causes considerable damage, Dr. Ali Akbar Keyhanian, the faculty member of the agricultural entomology research department of the Institute, has provided "management methods for the control of this important pest.

Population management and prevention of the pest damage include regular monitoring of canola farms, especially from the Cotildonian stage, to get the information on the existence and density of the pest. Also, control of the adult insects and stage one larvae (before their penetration into the depth of plant tissue) is considered. To monitor this pest since the greening of canola, yellow water traps must be installed in the fields. From 5-8 leaf stages of canola, petiole and crowns of the canola have to be investigated to find the signs of beetle spawning and primary damage by larvae. The appropriate time for chemical control of this pest is mid-December to early January, i.e., concurrent with the peak of female insect spawning activity and the emergence of fine larvae before entering deep into the plant tissue. In fact, by observing the spawning of weevils on more than 20% of canola plants, chemical control operations should be carried out.