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  • Date : Mon Dec 06, 2021
Monograph of an important family of lepidoptera in Iran
By Dr. Aalipanah, faculty member of the Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection

According to the Public Relations office of the Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, a monograph of the Cossidae family in Iran was prepared by Dr. Helen Aalipanah, faculty member and Hossein Philosophy, expert of the Insect Taxonomy Research Department, and was published by Zootaxa magazine in 2021.

The Cossidae family, with about 971 species from 151 genera in the world, includes small to very large lepidopterans, which are economically important in terms of nutritional diversity in the larval stage (feeding on stems, trunks, trees and roots), and some of them are among the most important agricultural pests that are found in most parts of the world, but are more prevalent in tropical and subtropical regions.

In this study, all specimens belonging to this family that are kept in various museums around the world (including 21 national museums and 11 personal museums) were examined. This collection contains information about the distribution areas of species in Iran and the world along with their distribution maps in Iran, which includes 69 species and 16 subspecies of 26 genera and five tribes.

In addition, images of adult specimens of each species and information on their intraspecific differences (if any) are provided. Two new species have also been introduced and described for the world and a number of species have become synonymous. In addition to the entomologists and experts in Iran, this monograph will be a useful reference for other neighboring countries and foreign experts.